Tips and Tricks Edit

The New York Times - Use the NYT archive search to check the correct usage of a word, collocation, or phrase.Search for a word, or a phrase in quotations, and it will bring up entries going back many many years.  You can compare examples. NOTE: You much search from the NYT home page, rather than via Google, or some other search engine in order to get the kind of search results that you want.

PowerPoint Games for Reinforcement and Fun -


PB Works. - Free collaborative work spaces.

Prezi. Free and creative presentation software. Presentations are stored on the prezi site, so students without home computer can easily work on a project from any computer, in the classroomk, language lab, library, etc.

Lesson Planning ResourcesEdit

Book: Zero Prep, Zero Prep for Beginners, by Laurel Pollard and Natlie Hess (Alta, 1997) There are many other valuable resourced on this publisher's site, with some free downloads.

Side by Side Communicative Games and Activity Masters, by Steven Molinsky and Bill Bliss (Longman, 2004)

Very Easy True Stories, Easy Trust Stories, by Sandra Heyer (Longman, 1998)

What a Life! by Milada Broukal (Longman, 200)

Fundamentals of English Grammar, by Betty Schrampfer Azar (Longman, 2003)

The Oxford Picture Dictionary, by Norma Shapiro and Jayme Adelson-Goldstein (Oxford, 1998) - You can enter expository and it will "pull out" vocab. You can filter this vocab list by relevancy, etc.